McGeeza's Vegetarian Pizzas McGeeza's Pizzas ORDER PIZZA Vegetarian + Vegan Pizzas..
We grow, prepare + bake all-natural ingredients from our home gardens + local farms. You'll taste + feel the difference with our pizzas.
Chumpkins - Banana Pumpkin Bread Savory Squash Breads Chumpkins -- Chocolate Molasses Ginger Pumpkin Bread Chumpkins Chocolate Ginger Squash Bread Continue Drooling Here.. Chumpkins Featured Chumpkins:
Chocolate Banana Pumpkin Bread
Garden Salads VIEW FOOD MENU Piled high with freshly harvested garden veggies, organic nuts, + simple dressings. All-natural ingredients sourced from our own organic home gardens + local farms. Delicious! Fresh, Local
SHOW ME MORE, PLEASE We source top-quality ingredients from our home gardens, our local farms like Nye Ranch, Noyo Food Forest, Mist Farm, + local grocers like Down Home Foods + Harvest Market. Our stuff is made of the best stuff.
elixir-bottle-4oz-dropper-v002-150x435 Elixirs We make top-quality, raw, unfiltered, organic, non-alcoholic, apple cider vinegar elixirs.. infused with turmeric + ginger, brewed + bottled for at least 60* days. SHOW ELIXIRS ACV Ginger Turmeric Elixir